Remember the 4 P's - Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

  • Research - find out as much as you can about the company, from their website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, company literature, contacts etc.  ***Facts to find include:  Company turnover; Who owns it; Year established; Number of employees; How many sites does it have; Company's business; Customer base
  • Make sure you know the name & position of the person interviewing you
  • Take a look at the interviewers profiles on LinkedIn (if listed)
  • Prepare a list of questions you wish to ask the company
  • Try to obtain a job specification if possible
  • Check out in advance the location of the interview and parking facilities/bus or train timetables/taxi.


On The Day:

  • First impressions count so always arrive smart and professional looking.  Even if you have heard the company operate a dress down policy, keep the suit, you can always dress down later
  • Be punctual, arriving late gives a bad impression from the off, as does arriving too early!
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Body language is very important - always sit upright but relaxed
  • Try not to be nervous, speak clearly and confidently (without coming over as being arrogant!)
  • Don’t chew sweets/gum in the interview.  If you need a drink due to having a dry throat then ask for a glass of water.


 On Meeting:

  • Shake hands firmly, smile and make eye contact
  • Always appear interested in the job and joining the company
  • Concentrate on your strengths, avoid negatives, when talking about a weakness is unavoidable, convey the message that you recognise it but are striving to overcome it
  • Listen carefully during the interview to avoid misunderstanding
  • Give clear and concise answers - don't ramble on
  • Do not criticise your present/past employer, if asked reasons for leaving a particular job, keep it brief and to the point
  • Always expect the unexpected.